“ Sometimes you have to risk it all for a dream only you can see” 


International, Incendiary Dancer Decides ‘Where Next’ After Dancing Through All 7 Continents  

Once you’ve travelled to all seven continents and performed around the world— how do you follow that up? How do you decide “where to next?” It’s actually been an easy decision for Taryn Faustman.  A Native Canadian, Taryn has accomplished everything she’s wanted in the Vancouver dance universe, and has her eyes set on the USA where she has unfinished business. She’s got her eyes on Vegas, and the talent and laser focused commitment to put her there. She knows where she belongs to take her craft to the next level, so look out for this tigress. 

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Q&A: Taryn Faustman, accomplished dancer

Life in the spotlight: Taryn Faustman, 25, has been dancing since she was nine years old. She started out with ballet and then expanded into jazz, hip-hop, tap, contemporary and musical theatre. Her career has taken her all over the world. Taryn Faustman isn’t your typical millennial. The 25-year-old dancer from Burnaby has travelled to all seven continents as a result of her dancing career. Her resume includes an endless list of stage and theatre performances, as well as work in film, television and the corporate world. You might have seen her dance on a Royal Caribbean or Holland America cruise ship, or caught her performing on A&E’s horror TV show Bates Motel. As a teenager, Faustman won the B.C. provincial dance title five years in a row and was chosen to represent Canada at a prestigious competition in Australia, where she placed in the top three amongst dancers from around the world. Her latest stint was in the United States, where she trained in Vegas and L.A. This fall, she’s heading to Qatar in the Middle East for a 10-month dancing contract that will see a new cirque-type show open in that country. Despite her success, the road to get to the top hasn’t always been easy. Gigs usually involve coming back to Burnaby to live with her parents while she saves up enough money to go abroad again. 



Special Words from Dancer Taryn Faustman

When I think back to my years competing at Surrey Festival of Dance, I have so many fond memories.  One of the many highlights of Surrey Festival of Dance was performing in the Honors performance. This was such a fun way to end the competition and experience my fellow dancers awarded for their hard work and accomplishments. It was such a blast getting dressed up and laughing about all the silly and stupid things that went on backstage during competition.