Taryn Faustman is a classically trained dancer, who is versatile in all areas of dance but specializes in jazz and contemporary. She has had the privilege to attend and train at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, The Goh Ballet Academy, Edge Performing Arts, The Rock Centre for Dance and Broadway Dance Centre. Taryn is a battletested performer having traveled extensively as a dancer. “I’ve been fortunate enough to test my talents around the world,” said Taryn enthusiastically “and that has made it very clear what kind of an artist I am.” She’s a chameleon with her ability to personify different personalities, integrate new cultures, marry diverse styles and change flavors in an instant.

At a young age Taryn was a well-known dancer in the arts community in Vancouver, Canada. She went on to win the BC provincial title five years in a row, and was chosen to represent Canada at the prestigious “Showcase” competition located in Gold Coast, Australia, where she competed and placed top 3 amongst dancers from around the world.

After going 7 for 7 of the globe’s continents, why keep going? “The excitement I feel when I step out on stage- the feeling of a live audience is unlike anything else.” gushed Taryn. “I get the biggest boost of energy and a huge sense of happiness and accomplishment when I see, breathe, and hear it all.” In November after rehearsal in Berlin, Taryn is hopping overseas for 10 months to Qatar to be a part of a new cirque show with a cast of 30 performers featuring water acts, aerials, singing and dancing.

The next set of goals up for crushing are: performing on stage, performing on television and more paid travel as a dancer. Her next two bookings are TVC- for Best Buy and Santander Bank while a few of her credits include Stiletto Entertainment (Holland America Line), Royal Caribbean, Joshua Robert “Vanity Tour”, “Samantha Jade” Nickelodeon Slimefest, the Dally M Awards, “Vodafone” TVC, RuPaul’s “Christmas Spectacular”, “Raw” Las Vegas,  “Black and White Ball”-Legends in Concert”, “Hellcats”, “Santander” TVC, as well as a principal dancer role in the hit show “Bates Motel”.

To challenge her training and keep learning, Ms. Faustman is routinely taking classes outside of her comfort zone that force her to stretch and breakdown previous limitations. Constantly driven to succeed, she chooses to habitually take on new adventures and new styles. When she wants a refreshing experience, she’ll pop in to her favorite Jazz technique class.

A creative visionary like Taryn is permanently on the frequency of inspiration. When she discovers a really good piece of music, she’s immediately inspired to choreograph. “I visualize all the things I want to do, want to accomplish, I write them down and then I’m putting those thoughts to work.” Drawn instantly to the dance floor, Taryn will listen to that music on repeat until she’s brought it to life with her dancer’s intuition and emotive charisma. She’s been a successful choreographer and teacher of 5 years. Her choreography has gone on to win many awards at competitions such as YAGP, Team Canada- Germany, Nuvo, Synergy, BC Provincials, and the Dance Awards NYE.

The texture of her personality is evident on and off stage. An effortless smile that restores your faith in humanity paired with a sophisticated work ethic— she’s the perfect mix of congeniality and diligence. She’s not all business of course. She adores spending time with her amazingly close family, loves trying out new Vegan recipes, hiking, coloring and the occasional crossword puzzle. What’s a 5 letter word for ‘astonishing dancer’?




Written by: Whitney Moore